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API Expertise in synthetic organic chemistry

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TAPI’s procedure improvement and generation abilities in synthetic organic chemistry cover an expansive scope of synthetic items and best in class innovations.

Our improvement of API expertise is sponsored by our complete comprehension of these procedures and a resolute responsibility to R&D speculation. Therefore, we furnish you with top notch APIs at aggressive costs, while meeting the most stringent industry standards. Our API expertise are specialists in their own division or fields of medicine and innovation.

TAPI gives a hearty synthetic procedure from API expertise the distance to business creation. This procedure is particularly intended to be particle proficient, safe and naturally benevolent without trading off item virtue. The most unbending logical and physical control strategies are used to convey wanted polymorphs perfect with the stringent requests of administrative bodies in target nations. Furthermore, our learned IP specialists are accessible to answer inquiries and help you keep up your focused edge in the commercial center.

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Development Center

TAPI works seven R&D focuses around the world. There, our top analysts with colossal experimental API expertise constantly endeavor to enhance our procedures so you advantage from industry-driving learnings and materials. Researchers in a few of TAPI’s substantial pilot plants – with limits extending from 200 ml to 480 l – are creating advances to convey and execute new procedures that will improve our generation abilities.

API expertise in Semi-synthetic chemistry:

TAPI’s semi-synthetic procedure advancement influences our API expertise in synthetic organic chemistry, downstream preparing (DSP), and especially filtration by chromatography. The multifaceted nature of the intensifies, the extensive variety of auxiliary and optical isomers and the moderately low soundness of the normal biomolecules and/or their subordinates require high return response change and forefront filtration strategies. Enrollment of semi-synthetic API expertise additionally requires an extraordinary methodology because of the possibly substantial number of contaminations and special cases from ICH norms.


Over the years, api expertise training programs have been held to provide comprehensive lessons on the recommended standards and practices that ought to be strictly followed. This training has been conducted in different ways. The most common ones being instructor-led training and multi-platform e-learning. All this has been enabled for t

he soul purpose of improving on the api expertise levels in different regions of the world.

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Sharing information with the world

The advantage of taking your api expertise training programs over the internet, is that you will get a flexible schedule that will help you study at your convenience. Another benefit of e-learning is that you will have access to several pharmaceutical e-books and content from pharmaceutical sites. While doing your online studies, always remember to visit the sites of most of the API regulatory bodies. This will help you understand and be aware of the standards and regulations pertaining the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Studying medicine only does not earn you the title of an api expert. This title is earned through extensive research and studies of different compounds and chemicals. Besides getting you knowledge online. You can also attend classes. The advantage accompanied by attending classes is that you will be able to do some things practically with the aid of experts. This doesn’t mean that online studies do not have practical lessons because they do have. We have tutorials that try to explain different phenomena and properties of the active ingredient.

Being an expert in API automatically means that you have all that it takes to produce high quality drugs. This has a great positive implication because the lives of many ailing patients will be saved. It will also bring a transformative improvement into the medical sector. It is therefore important that all pharmacist attend training sessions to improve on their pharmaceutical skills.


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