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API vs. Cancer

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Scientists, doctors, laymen, and people from all walks of life have been on the search for cancer vaccine and prevention through active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Cancer has been a menace to everyone’s health in all age categories nowadays. It is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Many have been trying to create something out of active pharmaceutical ingredients to eradicate cancer but up to now no one succeeded in this undertaking.

The Cancer Menace


Many people are dying of cancer and it is devastating to note that up to this era, with all the vastness of high technology and knowledge, nobody has ever invented a way out of this crippling disease. It already has stricken a lot of families who lost their loved ones because of this. The only good thing about it today is that, at least we got a cure for the early stages of it. Cancer is now curable when detected at an early stage.


Stages Of Cancer And Its Corresponding Treatment

  • Stage 0- boost immune system to treat.
  • Stage 01- treatment protocol
  • Stages 02 and 03-chemotherapy (active pharmaceutical ingredients), radiation therapy
  • Stage 04- complementary modalities, alternative treatments


In the late stages of cancer, active pharmaceutical ingredients have their vigorous role in killing the cancer cells and stop the spread of them.

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The very vision of those scientists looking into the cancer phenomenon is not only to treat cancer but also to have that magical potion that can actually prevent cancer like a vaccine. As to when we are going to wait is the question that everyone has in mind. Until today, no active pharmaceutical ingredients have ever been discovered to combat cancer. Some skeptics say that even if there will be active ingredients discovered, it will not go out the market as people in the pharmaceutical field will not allow it to happen for the profit side of chemotherapeutic drugs.  But as of today, to combat cancer, we just have to take good care of our health and take all the precautionary measures needed without relying on these active pharmaceutical ingredients to take their course.


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