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Application of downstream processing especially in the biotechnology industry has proven time and again just how important the process really is.

Numerous number of important products have been isolated and purified through downstream processing. These have helped make significant steps especially in the field of pharmaceutics.

Common Roles of downstream processing

Some of the important roles identified with downstream processing include:

  • Purification and recovery of biosynthetic products, mostly pharmaceutics from sources hat are natural. For example, plant and animal tissues or fermentation froth.
  • Recycling of components that can be salvaged form waste.
  • Proper waste disposal and treatment

Specific roles of downstream processing

Downstream processing is very im

portant in the manufacture of antibiotics such as penicillin. The process is applied in the purification and separation of antibiotics from a number of mediums. This is not an easy task bearing in mind that antibiotics’ concentration may be very low in the solutions in question.

Again, the can be applied in large scale manufacture of monoclonal antibodies(mAbs). Since antibody therapies are characterized by long-term administration of large antibody does, biopharmaceutical companies greatly appreciate down processing for facilitating indus

trial manufacture of antibodies.

A number of hormones are also resultant products of downstream processing. Some of the most commonly produced hormones include growth hormone and insulin. Follicle Stimulating Hormone is also another example.

Various research projects have also seen to the application of downstream processing in the manufacture of important vaccines. Common examples include vaccines for influenza and small pox.

Moreover, down stream process is also applied in industrial manufacture of enzymes. Enzymes are normally synthesized by living cells and are responsible for triggering chemical reactions. Industrial production of enzymes is therefore very important since they are appliedin processes such as food preservation and processing, manufacture of textiles, paper industry, scientific research, etc. A good example is a fungal amylase enzyme known as taka-diastate. This was the first enzyme to be produced in industry(U.S.A 1896) and was used pharmaceutically as an agent for treating digestive disorders.

Downstream processing indeed has so many applications. Another of its applications is the manufacture of natural fragrance and flavor substances.

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