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Side Effects of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

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Medicines already have become part of people’s lives. Some take them for maintenance, others for treating a disease and improving health. Whatever the reasons may be, medicines have benefits and risks.

The active pharmaceutical ingredients of a medicine have therapeutic and adverse effects to people. Most of the time the positive outweighs the negative effect but there are times that clients get the worst adverse effect from a long term drug therapy like kidney and liver failure which are the most common organs targeted by medicines.  Aside from these fatal adverse effects, there are those negligible effects but should be taken into consideration.

Several insignificant effects of active pharmaceutical ingredients:

  • nausea and vomiting
  • stomachache
  • headache
  • dizziness


These irrelevant effects, as they may seem, can mislead the clients while taking the drug.

 People on a long-term drug therapy can get used to these symptoms and regard them as normal even though they are already signs of impending organ malfunction or failure.  Active pharmaceutical ingredients, though helpful as they are designed to be, can be detrimental to someone’s health if not taken with precautions. The effects of these can be temporary or lifetime.


Medicines should not be the first resort of people whenever they have something because the active pharmaceutical ingredient are not very friendly to users. They can treat one disease and cause another. Side effects can lead to one more problem that when treated with another medicine can also lead to another problem and the cycle goes on. It is still best to opt for a natural remedy without the active pharmaceutical ingredients that cause a lot of side effects.  If the illness is something that can be treated with water or fruit therapy like the common cough and colds, people don’t have to go for over-the-counter or prescribed medicines. It is still best to cure simple illness in a natural way.

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