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Synthetic Organic Chemistry, The future

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Synthetic organic chemistry, the future for the design of new molecules

Synthetic organic chemistry will provide the basis for the development of new technologies that make it possible to design new molecules, as they have prominent experts.

Living things are made up of organic molecules, proteins, nucleic acids, sugars and fats. They are all compounds whose main base is carbon. Organic products are present in all aspects of our lives: the clothes we wear, soaps, shampoos, deodorants, medicines, perfumes, cooking utensils, food, etc.

Colored soaps
Colored soaps

Organic products have improved our quality and life expectancy. We can cite a family of compounds that almost everyone has saved us life, antibiotics. In some cases, their discharges have severely polluted the environment, caused injury, illness and death to human beings. Drugs such as thalidomide, dumped as the Bhopal in the India highlight the downside of chemical industry.

How are molecules built?

Organic molecule
Organic molecule

The most important part of Synthetic organic chemistry is the synthesis of molecules. Carbon-containing compounds were called originally organic because it was believed that they existed only in living things. However, soon saw that they could prepare organic compounds in the laboratory from substances containing carbon from inorganic compounds. In the year 1828, Friedrech Wöhler managed to convert lead cyanate into urea by treatment with aqueous ammonia. Thus, an inorganic salt became a product belonging to living beings (organic). Today, more than ten million organic compounds have been synthesized.

Is super important because it is the chemistry of carbon compounds and is a basic science to biochemistry, medicine, microbiology and other sciences where the carbon chemistry is essential.

Despite that Synthetic organic chemistry is important in itself, since it is vital to synthesize drugs that are so useful today, you can have thousands of compounds that have biological activity and can be alternative cures for diseases new or best for harsh conditions, or even those that are now incurable.

Another vital aspect of Synthetic organic chemistry is of course synthetic polymers, thanks to that every year chemistry polymer industry has almost thousand new patents, is essential to the industry of polymers for the lifestyle that we have today.

If you want more applications, see the food industry, since dyes New Year cannot be achieved if not understood carbon, new forms of food, new ways to prepare food only to learn how it works the carbon.

Synthetic organic chemistry is important because thanks to organic chemistry there is everything that today we can perceive and feel, all organic products are present in all aspects of our life, as for example:

-The clothes we wear.

-Soaps, shampoos, deodorants.

-Medicines, perfumes, kitchen utensils.

-Food, etc.

green life
Organic life is healthier

It is important because it allows us to knowledge of what works in our body and the knowledge of to all our own body such as:


-Cholesterol, etc.

It is important because if there had been no Synthetic organic chemistry we had not obtained drugs or artificial medicines, it is thanks to the organic chemistry that it progresses over time technology, both to create and discover new medicine drugs that can fight the deadly diseases of today.

It is important because all the compounds responsible for the life, are organic substances.

It is important because the progress of Synthetic organic chemistry allows you to delve into the clarification of life processes.

Chemical (drugs, polymers, pesticides, herbicides) plays a very important role in the world economy and affects many aspects of our daily lives with their products.

Now you would know the importance of synthetic organic chemistry and its several felds of work and practca work. This is very useful information you would need in the frist part.

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